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Click above to see brief video of Dr. Linda Garcia, MD, describing response of patients to "My Way Out" program. (1:23)


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Press Releases
December 2004 Press Release to Book Reviewers
February 2005 Press Release to Books Stores

June 6, 2005: Dr. Linda Garcia Quoted in Newsweek Magazine for Her Innovative Approach in Treating Disease of Alcoholism

August 23: 'My Way Out' Alcohol Recovery Program Featured in Wall Street Journal Article Highlights New Treatments for Addiction

September 23: Hidden Drinkers Come Out of the Closet on Internet's Highest Traffic Alternative Alcohol Recovery Message Board

Newsweek Web Exclusive Features Cutting Edge Alcohol Recovery Program
News Stories

December, 2007 Newsweek International arcticle: Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Booze Blunders

December 6, 2004 Newsweek International arcticle: The Addict's Brain
May 2, 2005, New Therapy Helps Problem Drinkers
June 13, 2005 Newsweek: New Hope for Addicts?

August 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal: Fighting Alcoholism with a Pill

January 3, 2006 Virtual Therapy article
Dr. Garcia, Spokesperson for My Way Out Program
Dr. Linda Garcia's bio
Dr. Linda Garcia 30 minute radio interview on the Michael Dresser show
Dr. Linda Garcia's Foreword to My Way Out
Coming soon: high and low res photos of Dr. Linda Garcia, MD
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Medical Research

May 2003 Lancet article regarding topiramate's use for treatment of alcohol dependence (article available for personal use only; do not reproduce)
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View feedback on the My Way Out Message Board of those who have been through the program